"The going from a world we know

To one a wonder still

Is like the child's adversity

Whose vista is a hill, 

Behind the hill is sorcery

And everything unknown,

But will the secret compensate 

For climbing it alone?"

Emily Dickinson


Painting by Mary Helmreich; "Along the Pacific Coast Highway"



I am thrilled that you are considering therapy.


Skillful, effective therapy will always support you, give you hope, engender personal growth, and also challenge you and help you cope with the emotional challenges that you are facing in your life. 


I can offer you  a warm, respectful environment, free from censure and judgement, a place to speak and be heard, gain new perspective, and learn and practice self and other awareness, acceptance, problem-solving, and behavioral skills.  


Please call (213) 640-7925 or email today for a free consultation. 


Gauri Savla, Ph.D. 



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