Along the Pacific Coast Highway

"The going from a world we know

To one a wonder still

Is like the child's adversity

Whose vista is a hill, 

Behind the hill is sorcery

And everything unknown,

But will the secret compensate 

For climbing it alone?"

Emily Dickinson


Painting by Mary Helmreich; "Along the Pacific Coast Highway"



I am thrilled that you are considering therapy.


My mission as a psychotherapist has been to create a nurturing, judgement-free environment where you will feel seen, heard, and deeply cared for. As a relational therapist, I strive to build a trusting and compassionate relationship with my clients so that they may establish deeper connections with themselves and others in their lives outside of therapy. 

In therapy, you will feel safe, begin healing, and learn to be comfortable with discomfort. You will experience growth at your own pace, as you learn to embrace who you are in the here and now. I will support you each step of the way. 

I value sharing physical space with my clients. Due to the ongoing pandemic and my own safety and that of my clients, I am only offering in-person sessions to clients who have had the full schedule of the COVID-19 vaccine. I am also happy to continue offering telemedicine (virtual) sessions, if that is your preference. 


Please reach out via phone or text [(213) 640-7925] or email ( for a free consultation. I look forward to knowing you.