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As you are aware, we, as a collective, are going through challenging times because of the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to significantly impact our way of life. Healthcare professionals, such as myself have had to make rapid changes to our practices to continue supporting our patients/clients, safely.


Given the ongoing risks of COVID-19 and the lifestyle changes it has warranted, I have offered psychotherapy and support for my clients via secure telehealth platforms (specifically, those facilitated by Psychology Today and Simple Practice) since March 2020. I have been happy to see clients in my office during times of low community infection rates, but I only offer in-person therapy to those who have completed the COVID-19 vaccination schedule. I will be wearing a protective mask during our sessions and strongly encourage my clients do so, as well. 

For general questions about Telehealth (i.e., healthcare services, such as psychotherapy provided via telephone, video, and/or the internet, please check out the following resources:

Be well and stay safe. 


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